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september 2016

Omino has been selected like a Spotlight artist at IPAY 2017, International Performing art for Youth in Madison (WI) USA.

Ipay will be on January 2017 from 18 to 21, more details on

october 2016

Omino has been selected in Kulturboerse Freiburg 2017 in Germany at the Variety Evening on 25 january,

more details on

december 2016

Omino will be on tour in Greece from 2 to 7 at ThessPuppet, Thessaloniki International Puppet Festival


About Omino Show

...a night between soap, water and bubbles

"Fantasy is a place where it rains inside" I.Calvino

It's raining, the window is open and in the house we need an umbrella.

Really strange these little man all drenched: does a sneeze and out of a soap bubble! ...two, in fact...Oh son many soap bubbles!

But what happens? The house is filled with bubbles of all sizes, tiny and huge, frothy and transparent as crystal. Meanwhile, the rain stops falling. And soon the snow will fall as well. Etciù



A magical show.... for young and old, a must for children!

Michele Cafaggi is an Italian finest Bubble Magician. His work is a marvelous blend of classical Italian clowning and bubbles….. a cacophony of soap and silliness.

Omino, is haunted by bad weather, it even rains when he is in the house! However he soon discover that each object can be used to create bubbles and magical surprises.

Omino recounts how on his travels he must continually deal with the emergency of bad weather but when all seems lost the magic of bubbles and the power of the imagination intervenes to save him the strength to go on.

To accompany the dance of bubbles is an original music by David Baldi.

A show that promises to thrill audiences and delight children of all ages.

''Wherever he goes, Omino carries the rain and so, even at home, he takes an umbrella. When he sneezes, bubbles jump out of his mouth, slowly invading the entire room. Tiny and giant bubbles, frothy and transparent bubbles''.